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As M&A advisory professionals, this is where established, profitable, and bankable business transitions are supported with results 3x or more than industry averages.

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Are you aware of the changes happening? It's time to become qualified and committed, or get left behind.

We are business partners who champion dreams, safeguard aspirations, and deliver industry leading results.

In a rapidly transforming economic and technological landscape, Canadian business owners are at a pivotal junction. They old ways of Buying and Selling Canadian businesses are yielding to more sophisticated, strategic methods. These changes, driven by increased global connectivity and digital innovation, is reshaping the marketplace. This is not just a trend; it is an economic necessity. 

Businesses aligned with and adapting to innovative and advanced systems are thriving, seeing higher valuations and faster transitions compared to those sticking with outdated practices.

For business sellers, this goes beyond a mere transaction; it’s likely the most significant transition one will make, it’s about maximizing the value of a life’s work, the heart and soul most people’s existence. The potential gain? Our systems could deliver results for you in excess of 3x industry standards. Save time, save money, get the results you deserve. As the market continues to evolve, those who adapt to these shifts will not only prosper, they will set new standards and leave the unprepared behind.

Message from our founder

Elevating the Standards of Business Transitions

Our mission is to deliver the highest customer satisfaction rating of all business transition specialists in North America. Our proven SCS Process ensures 5-star experiences and unmatched support is delivered to qualifying sellers and buyers of established, profitable, and bankable Canadian businesses. Join us today on this transformative mission as you step into the next chapter of your life.

We have invested over 40,000 hours and in our systems and processes to ensure we inspire, empower, and support those involved with each business transition we work through. It’s now time to determine if you’re qualified to take advantage of our industry leading processes and programs that have proven to generate results well beyond industry standards.

Seamless Business Transitions with Gateway

It takes certainty, clarity, and the necessary actions done in the right order to experience the benefits and enjoyment of this new phase of life. Save time, save money, and eliminate the frustrations by leveraging our proven processes and working with parties required and committed to creating the outcomes you desire. Many buyers we work with are moving to a new town, city, or province. They are stepping into a completely new way of life. Our balanced advisory approach is for the benefit of buyer and seller and we almost always support both parties to ensure successful transitions are the only outcome.

When you work with Gateway, rest assured the value you receive from us will always be greater than your investment.

We place a priority on maintaining transparency in the sale and purchase of every business.

We honour our duty to hold every transaction in the strictest confidence to protect your privacy and the viability of the sale.

Both buyer and seller can expect loyalty and full disclosure from Gateway Business Brokers throughout the transaction.

The Success Guarantee

We stand behind our results and we want to be your best choice to turn your vision into reality. Gateway Business Brokers will pay you between $10,000 and $25,000 if we are unable to deliver upon our commitments within 12 months.  

Meet Timothy V. Blais

Tim’s never ending growth in business spans well over 20 years. Not just a M&A advisory professional, specializing in supporting business transition, he’s a passionate father, spouse, skier, and a devoted business builder and acquirer. Having founded or acquired 9 companies, Tim is intensely committed to supporting others with their growth and fulfillment in life. Prior to starting Gateway in 2009, he cut his teeth starting out as the youngest Senior Relationship Manager for Royal Bank of Canada’s commercial markets group where…..

Your success is our passion, let’s keep it simple. Allow me to show you where we create significant value for business owners. We know the impact well informed and executed business decisions have on your life.

Past Client Reviews

Every business has a unique story to tell. See what others think of us.

Tim and Jennifer were great throughout and assisted us through every step of selling our business like they truly cared. They are the best at what they do and I would recommend them to anyone!


Tim and the team at Gateway were just what we needed when we were in the market to invest in a new business. They checked all of the boxes for a first time business investor like me. Thanks Gateway

Doug McDonald

Our experience in searching to buy a business in Nova Scotia showed us that you and your team are different from all other brokers. As a family we made the decision that we absolutely want to work with you.


Very professional and knowledgeable the depth in understanding and explaining is great asset to have on your team.

Kenneth Savoy

Our Guiding Principles

Discover the core principles that drive our approach at Gateway Business Brokers, shaping our philosophy and communication promises to ensure your success in every transaction.

Our Philosophy

Delivering world class experiences that save you time and money requires our team to be consistently focused on our mission, our values, and connecting with only well qualified buyers and sellers who are committed to a common goal. Together, we execute business transitions beneficial to both buyer and seller.

Communication Promise

Gateway Business Brokers places a priority on open, frequent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We promise to communicate and confirm expectations in a timely and courteous manner each and every time. Let's get the right plan in place together.

Step forward with confidence. We will pay you between $10,000 and $25,000 if we are unable to deliver upon our commitments within 12 months. Contact us today to learn the terms and conditions of this offer and how to qualify.  Are you ready to turn your vision into reality?

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