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Successfully buying an established profitable business can provide that.

Investment opportunities in established profitable businesses can provide you with the shortest path to the freedoms you seek, without the risks, costs, and stresses associated with starting a business from scratch.

What We Do

At Gateway Business Brokers, we specialize in helping individuals buy a business in Canada. As a trusted business advisory firm, we cater to clients in specific locations such as Halifax, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, and more. Our brokerage offers professional business sale and acquisition services for small and mid-sized businesses. With a dedicated team of business brokers and a comprehensive business valuation division, we are your go-to partner for navigating the buying process and finding the perfect business opportunity.

We are committed to ensuring your confidence at every step of the way as we work together to finalize a well-educated decision. If your focus is on attaining the life freedoms that come with established profitable businesses in the Canadian business market, we are here to support you. Our collaborative approach aims to ensure you are adequately qualified to take advantage of our proven buying and selling process, which consistently generates results surpassing the industry average by up to 9 times.

By partnering with us, you can save valuable time and money while achieving worthwhile outcomes faster. Those who qualify to take advantage of our process gain access to:


Qualified motivated sellers of established profitable businesses in Canada and have undergone a comprehensive valuation and due diligence process on our behalf, ensuring bankability.


Our financing success rate of nearly 100% for all businesses we represent.


A world class business results training program that has proven to generate returns greater than 400%, every single time. Every one of the buyers who acquires a business with us is gifted with tools for growth.


And much more, as we go above and beyond to deliver comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

Did you know you can reduce business ownership risk by 50% – 65%?

Industry research indicates buying an established profitable business will reduce business ownership failure by over 50% when compared to starting a new business.

If you have questions, we have over 40,000 hours of experience. Whether you’re buying a business for the first time or you’re an experienced business owner looking to expand your portfolio or buy out a competitor, Gateway Business Brokers’ singular focus is to set the standards for this industry and be known to care about adding value to people’s lives more than anyone.

To qualify to work with our team, we must start by working together to understand your vision and determine the outcomes you are seeking to achieve, including venturing into entrepreneurship in Canada. Only once we clearly understand your needs and circumstances, will we then guide you through choosing the type of business that reflects who you are, and what you do best, aligns with your financial capabilities and desired outcomes, and offers the greatest opportunity for success.
Buying the right business is critical to your desired freedoms. We facilitate your purchase of the business while making sure you have been guided with the appropriate legal, tax, and financial expertise to help you create long-term sustainability and profitability. Finally, we will connect you with our world-class business coaching program to ensure you are immersed in and supported by a culture where growth is the only option.

Easier Financing

Trained Employees

Training Provided By The Seller

Established Products or Services

How to Buy a Business in Canada

Once you have qualified to work with our team, we will help you buy a Business in Canada by finding the right business and under the right terms and conditions. We work with both you and the seller to ensure a win-win transaction.

Our confidential process provides valuable information and support, helping you acquire a business that can be a life-fulfilling and financially rewarding experience, or even save you from potential mistakes.

We have the resources, skills, experience, training, technology, systems, and proven processes to help you achieve your goals.

Immediate Cash Flow From Ongoing Business Activities

Established Customer Base & Reputation

A Proven Business Model, Where Mistakes Have Already Been Made

9 Essential Components for

A Successful Business Acquisition Journey

Get crystal clear on your desired outcome

With a proper review of who you are, let’s determine your likes/dislikes, skills, needs, interests, and financial ability so we can get crystal clear on what the right opportunity needs to look like. Another layer deeper is your heart and psychology. Do you know why you are not going to stop until you claim success? Are you going to always be solution focused? Will you overcome the adversities and challenges when dealing with the needs of sellers and all parties involved? Nothing is more valuable than your psychology and commitment to this process.

Matching you with potential opportunities

Once we understand the range of business types that suit your needs and criteria, we search our database and all active sources of businesses for sale to find businesses that may be the best fit. We also create target lists of businesses and open up our grass roots marketing strategy to help turn over as many rocks as possible. Click Here to ensure you’re on our exclusive list to learn of all new opportunities that become available. (LINK to sign up for new listings)

Create Buyer Profile

For businesses currently not listed for sale, it’s important to have a buyer profile that confidentially identifies who you are and what you’re seeking. This is used in many marketing efforts and helps provide comfort and confidence to weary sellers. Raising the bar of professionalism always pays off!

Confident Confidentiality

Sellers cannot risk letting staff, banks, suppliers, or competitors know they are selling. Make sure your prospective seller is confident you will not be disclosing any information to any other party. We know how to properly manage the communication of confidentiality, so you are not at risk of litigation and to ensure your seller is confident enough to share enough about their business necessary to move the process forward

Accurate Valuation

Often the value of a business on paper is not a true reflection of the value and benefit of owning that business and often sellers who are unrepresented or underrepresented do not understand how to properly value a business. Our team helps our buyer clients to ensure they understand the full potential or risk of each business which provides all parties with the clarity and confidence necessary to move forward.

A Proven Process

There can seem to be endless details in the process of buying a business. They all need to be addressed in a timely manner and in the right order to create a successful stress free business acquisition. Click here to download our step by step process to help keep you focused and on track until you claim your success.

Support of other professionals

Your purchase will require the collaboration of a team of experts. That team may include lawyers, accountants, bankers, tax specialists, appraisers, inspectors, insurance specialists, business coaches, and financial planners. It’s always advisable to know who your team is going to be before you get started. Get their feedback on how they will be willing and able to assist you and to ensure you feel confident you have the right team. Our extensive network of professionals allows us to make informed recommendations when the need arises.

Negotiating For Success

We believe the best deals are created when the outcome is a win-win for both buyer and seller. There are terms and there are conditions. There are nice to have and must haves. Understanding those for each yourself and a seller is imperative to creating a win-win outcome. Being open-minded, creative, and resourceful will aid in a successful negotiation.


Nearly all business acquisitions require a need for financing. Every business on the planet is unique in many ways and not all banks can or will appreciate what you are seeking to buy. Arranging the right financing for your situation will have a meaningful impact on your future business value and personal wealth. Having the right application package prepared will have the banks bidding on your business. Click Here to learn how Gateway has achieved an industry leading nearly 100% success record for arranging commercial financing for business acquisitions.


If you are thinking of buying a business, connect with one of our experts to make your search and buying experience as easy and rewarding as possible.

Buyer's Guide to a Successful Business Purchase

We believe that if you follow these suggested steps, the business buying process will be much more efficient and enjoyable for you.

Find out more in this valuable resource.

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